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Fun Times!

Gosh it's been a year since we've moved into the gym at St. Mary's school in Cape Girardeau and boy are we loving it! We have tons of space to workout and run and exercise. If you haven't been by to see our new digs you need to come!

We love teaching kids how to be safe! That is our family's mission and we go at it with fun and enthusiasm! Our goal is to help kids learn how to stay away from trouble and yet have the confidence to take care of themselves and others when they are at school, home, and out in the world. We've been teaching kids for over 30 years how did that time fly by so quickly? We love every minute of it and have a blast meeting the newer generation! They are going to be awesome people!

Please give us a call or stop by and have your child try out a class. We want to help YOUR child be safe, confident and happy!


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