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Keeping Our Kids Safe!

Just recently we were blessed with an addition to our family, a grandchild, our first! It's almost like starting your family all over again when grandchildren arrive, you experience some of the same worries and concerns you did when you had your own children. So at our Martial Arts & Fitness Center we want to help you keep your kids safe and everyone's grandchildren as well!

I ran across an article today I want to share with you that has some really good advice for parents and also for grandparents about teaching their kids how to stay safe. You don't ever stop being a parent of some sort and even if you aren't a direct parent, you may be an aunt or uncle too and it's up to all of us to keep all children safe. If you see something inappropriate going on you need to speak up. Every child deserves to be kept safe and defended and respected.

"What Parents Can Do to Help to Keep Their Child Safe From Assault."

But what I also want to remind you too is, even if God forbid something happens to your child or older child, teen, even adult child, teaching them to be resilient, to be able to bounce back and be a confident person is the most important way to help your children. Bad things can happen no matter how much we try to protect our kids, but if we teach them to bounce back, to be strong no matter what then assaults, illness, or accidents cannot defeat them. We need to reassure them of God's love for them no matter what happens in life.

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