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Abductions and Fear

Each day the news is full of bad news. Just recently we heard of a young woman in our town who was grabbed at knife point in a major shopping center's parking lot where she worked. Lucky for her, her co-workers thought it unusual she didn't show up for work and called the authorities. Two men had grabbed her, threatened her with a knife and forced her into her own car and drive. She wound up eight miles away on a county road mostly unhurt.

Situations like this prey on our sense of peace and well being. We worry about our children's safety, our daughters going to college, our grandchildren in schools. Worry and fear swirl around us.

First of all let me know say it is normal to worry about all these things. Secondly I need to tell you that it is not healthy to keep worrying about these things. What you need to work on inside yourself and in your children and grandchildren is an attitude of Never Giving Up.

Having the right attitude about anything in life is always the right answer to lots of problems, but especially in these cases where fear surrounds us in a situation we know we can not control. Putting yourself in charge of your attitude can help you feel calmer about things.

I am always up front about the fact that putting my trust in God is what gets me through the fears and worries in life. In the 35 years I've been training and teaching martial arts, I've heard and seen a lot of the really horrible sides of some people. But I've also seen the good in people too which outweighs the bad.

Trusting in a higher power is the only way us mortals can deal with a lot of worries in this world. Knowing that in the end of times, everything will be okay, we will see each other again. Because God gave us all free will, some people will choose evil. And they will do evil things in our world and to us and our loved ones. But God also has our backs. He can't stop bad things in this world from happening, but He guarantees us the wonderful world of Heaven if we keep trust in Him.

I do trust in Him. Yes, I still get scared and worry about my own family and friends and all the women, children and men we teach but I know if I can instill in them the sense of Never Giving Up they will be okay. Even if the worst things happen, they will be okay because I trust in God to take over when I or they cannot do any more.

So instill the attitude of Never Giving Up in your family. Teach your children that God has their back and if they trust in Him, not matter what evil does to us in this life, God promises us good things in the next life. And we'll all be okay.

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