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Life is all about changes. Sometimes change is good, sometimes bad, but it is always about something different. And it takes getting used to to say the least.

Just recently, we had some changes going on with the business that affect all of us. Mostly where we are going to be having classes. New property management has brought about a substantial increase in our rent, so we needed to find another place to have class.

We have temporarily landed in our church's school gym where they are allowing us to rent space for a workable fee. We could only get one day and one hour so we've had to reduce our classes down to one class per week, Wednesdays, from 4 - 5 PM. While this is workable, it has also meant that several of our students are not able to follow us because of transportation and other activity conflicts. While we are trying to make the best out of a new situation, it's not always a great solution. While we keep searching for another place to land, we'll make it work for now and hope that in the near future everyone can join us again.

We thank our customers for their support and patience and welcome new customers to our new location too. Just give us a call. We're still the same family teaching the same skills to children to keep them safe because that is our family mission. That will never change. And it doesn't matter where we are or where we meet, we'll be there helping kids along the way.

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